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Christina Lynn Todaro was born in Pasadena, Texas.  She received a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Houston.  Todaro has exhibited in Laguna Beach, California; Dallas, Texas; Galveston, Texas; and various locations in and around the Houston area.  Further, she was honored as guest artist at Affaire d’Art Gallery in July 2014.  Recently, she exhibited the largest painting in the Mosaic Series, “Tears of Joy” which is 48in by 72in at Affaire d’Art Gallery’s exhibition “Big Arse Art” in July 2017.  Most of her paintings are very large scale, but she does have smaller works too.  Her work has been reviewed in the Bay Area Citizen and The Islander:  Magazine of Galveston.  In 2017, she received the “Reader’s Choice Award” by The Leader News as Best Local Artist.  In addition, Todaro has been teaching art for 9 years.  She finds teaching art a reciprocal venue for gathering inspiration and a way to influence, excite and inspire young minds.  It is a wonderful journey full of tears and joy!  She spends as much time if not more, creating and marketing her art as she does teaching.  Throughout the years, she has experimented with numerous mediums.  Most times, it was the accidents she learned the most from, it helped her to think outside the box and make the impossible possible.  We all know that makes for a good story!  When she was younger, she found extreme exhilaration creating 3-dimensional works; however, when she learned Photoshop, she developed an affection for painting.   Painting fascinated her, because she saw it as limitless and she was excited to start experimenting.  In her paintings, she has used many household products and things found in nature to produce various effects, textures and layers in her artwork.  Todaro lives and works in Nassau Bay, Texas.  In addition, Todaro started her own fine art printing business to keep the quality of her work at the highest possible standard; as well as helping other artist get high quality image capture and printing.  She creates postcards, journals and sketchbooks with her art on the cover.  Currently, she is working on a 30-page mosaic style adult coloring book.  Todaro is also working on a series of paintings about Love in a nontraditional sense.  In the future, she will have an exhibition to feature these 13 paintings.  Annually, she will have her Signature Wine Collection:  Pick Your Poison available exclusively for her client list.  To sign up, go to the reach me tab and send your email address.  Also, this will keep you in the know about her upcoming shows and events.  Commissions are welcomed.  

Christina Lynn Todaro


let Me bring your ideas to life through art.

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The Mosaic Series started in 2013 with the “Mosaic Elephant” and is constantly evolving.  When creating each animal, I move fluidly through the process with sensitivity to the way I am feeling:  every line, color and texture is made focusing on the energy that encompasses me at the time.  Further, patterns naturally form and create a rhythm within the animal.  The overall composition is balanced with the focal point on the animal(s) as the primary subject in the artwork.  When creating, I let the product naturally unfold before my eyes revealing many truths about my interworking subconscious.  The animals are metaphors for things that are going on in my life.  I love the contrast with the black background, it brings the animal to life-as if it was leaping out at you!  With this contrast, I can highlight importance.  The Mosaic Series was inspired by my grandmother whose unconditional love is never-ending.  I dedicate my love-my art to her.  Further, the Mosaic Series has a hybrid collection that is based on psychological disorders and theories.  People’s behaviors interest me!  Creating a hybridization between two animals excites me, because it really takes a leap off the creative edge!  I enjoy watching people’s reactions to them, it’s quite amusing to me.  Further, each painting has an “Alter Ego” giclée print.  This is where I create an alternate version with a different color scheme, typically using opposing colors from the original – it gives a different feeling, while the intensity of the painting stays the same.  We all have two sides!  In my paintings, I want to evoke excitement, admiration and concern to understand a different way of thinking.  I want to give the viewer a chance to let go of daily pressures and submerge themselves into a world of inspiration, freedom and beauty.


“If I could choose one thing to do for the rest of my life-this would be it!  Nothing else comes close!”  I wish you-LOVE.