Christina Lynn Todaro


"For every artwork I create, I make a giclee in an alternate color scheme.  You get the same intensity from the painting, but a different feeling." 

Mosaic Style Hybrids


"Every painting is a metaphor for the things I am going through in my life.  It's not just an animal, it is a symbol of what I am or need at the time."


I have been a professional artist for over 10 years.  I love creating something from nothing.  I started out as a sculptor.  Then, I learned Photo Shop which lead me to painting.

-Christina Lynn

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"Every hybrid painting will have a deeper psychological meaning behind it.  People and their behaviors are interesting to me."

MOsaic Style

The true sign of intelligence is not

knowledge, but imagination - albert Einstein


​​Sawyer Yards Art Market - 2101 Sawyer St., Houston

​Saturday, 11am - 5pm

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​​Sawyer Yards Art Market - 2101 Sawyer St., Houston

​Saturday, 11am - 5pm


let me Bring your ideas to life through art.

"I want to show you how to see the world differently"

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