Frankenstein Series

I have been working hard to come up with some fresh ideas.  I'm going to start a series of "Frankenstein" pieces.  They are made by the deconstruction of prints from my "Mosaic Series."  The prints are deconstructed, then reassembled to create a new image.  The first one in this series is "Perfect Harmony."  It is made from the artworks:  Serenity, Snide & Tears of Joy.  From "Serenity," I replicated the turtles and created a pattern in the way they are placed in the composition.  From "Snide," I completely deconstructed the face of the tiger to recreate seaweed.  I chose to use Snide to make the seaweed, because the blue in the tiger complimented the blue in the turtles.  From "Tears of Joy," only the tusks from one elephant were used as a decoration within the seaweed.

Heroic Women Series

‚ÄčChristina Lynn Todaro